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Machine Compare

Create and personalise your own banner ads

Begin advertising today by creating your own personalised ad banners. Give your company the opportunity to be noticed and put yourself where the industrial buyers are looking.

Personalised ads

Our platform offers complete control over
your own banner ads allowing you
to personalise your own ads


Using banner ads across our website allows
direct visibility and exposure  to markets
that are relevant to you.

Enabling growth

We aim to offer services that allow you to grow
and thrive. That’s why we offer banner ads
for your advertisement purposes.

“MachineCompare is ideally positioned to help streamline the way in which converters and printers not only source spare parts for older equipment but also how they can buy and sell used capital equipment. A great development at just the right time, this is exactly what the industry needs right now.”

Daniel M Brunton

Managing Director

“From the beginning, Machine Compare’s CMO guided us through set up, providing content recommendations and advice on how to broadcast our webinars for amplified reach. We found the webinars were a truly refreshing way to market our niche box-making products.”

Simon Kolbus


Frequently asked questions

Still wondering if banner ads will benefit you? View all of our frequently asked questions below to answer all your questions about our platform and banner ad services.

Display Advertising – Top Banner Industry Specific‚£250 Per Month ‚
Display Advertising – Top Banner ROS‚ £500 Per Month ‚
Display Advertising – Button Industry Specific‚ £225 Per Month
Display Advertising – Button ROS‚ £450 Per Month
Display Advertising – Skyscraper Industry Specific‚ £200 Per Month
Display Advertising – Skyscraper ROS‚ £400 per month

The banner ads are used across the site on key pages such as the product listing pages, auction pages and much more. By placing the ads on key pages we are able to increase your exposure to industrial buyers.

Banner ads place you in clear view of the relevant audience at a time they are browsing. This makes increases the likely hood of them clicking on you as your ad is relevant and they are already in browsing mode.

Banner ads can easily be set up and once they are we take it from there. Making it alow more cost effective as it isn’t expensive or time-consuming.

Having an ad that showcases your brand exposed to an audience more than once makes your brand a lot more memorable. That’s why it’s also important to use branding when creating your banner ads this way the audience will remember you when thinking of a product or service you were advertising.