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Machine Compare

General News Articles

International paper machinery now listed on Machine Compare

International Paper, the world’s leading producers of fibre-based packaging, pulp and paper have recently closed a full corrugator and conversion factory in … Continued

BHS Corrugated: Part exchange machines now for sale on the Machine Compare Auction

BHS Corrugated, the leading manufacturer of solutions for the corrugated industry, has listed 6 items on the Machine Compare auction related to … Continued

The rise of eco-commerce: How e-commerce is fuelling the sustainable supply chains of tomorrow

Online buying is not only a convenient way to get the goods you need, but it’s also proving helpful in fuelling a … Continued

The ultimate fix: How ‘Right to Repair’ is set to help tackle global e-waste

Whilst we tackle the global issue of plastic pollution in our waters, there’s a new challenge on the horizon, creating what the … Continued

Top 6 causes of Overstocking & What you can do about it

Maybe you’ve been there ­– or find yourself there right now: overstocked on items and confused. How did you get here? More … Continued

Machine Compare introduces Marketplace Lowest Price Guarantee

On April 27th 2021, Machine Compare unveiled its Lowest Price Guarantee, offering spare parts listed on Marketplace at unbeatable prices. With this … Continued

Carbon labelling sees a focus shift from calories to climate

In the age of climate change activism, brands are coming under greater scrutiny for their contribution to the climate emergency. Whilst fossil … Continued

Winning the race towards digitalisation and why it’s important

It’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue and backed by a list of emerging technologies that never ceases to grow: Digital transformation.  … Continued

Machine Compare: How it started vs. how it’s going

To celebrate a week into the launch of the BETA Marketplace, the revolutionary e-commerce platform for industrial spare parts – we’ve looked back at … Continued

Why climate change disproportionately affects women

The impacts of climate change are felt by all of us, but research finds that the consequences experienced due to global warming, … Continued

Machine Compare goes live with soft launch of a revolutionary spare parts BETA Marketplace

March 8th, 2021 marks the soft launch of Machine Compare’s BETA Marketplace, an e-commerce platform set to revolutionise spare parts purchasing for the better.    Two years ago, co-founders Ben and Eric … Continued

x8 tips to protect your investments in Machinery

So, you’ve just bought a new machine. Understandably, you’re not thinking about selling it right now. However, when day comes to find … Continued

x4 Impacts of Positive Company Culture You Should Know About

Although discussions around corporate culture remain subtle and relatively sparse within organisations, there’s overwhelming evidence to suggest its importance in making businesses … Continued

Machine Compare partners with detected to protect customers

We recently partnered with detected, the internationally recognised mark of trust for online marketplaces and e-commerce, enabling buyers and sellers to trade … Continued

What happens online doesn’t stay online: the story of your data

Only a few years ago we talked about “going online”, acknowledging the fact that the internet was a place separated from our … Continued

Switching to the digital basket: The growing popularity of e-commerce

As the first trend reports rank our online searches, one thing is becoming increasingly clear: 2021 will be a year of transition. … Continued

The impacts of high commission on used industrial machinery prices

Going online, it won’t take you long to realise the high percentage of commission that machine reseller auctions or machine dealers charge … Continued

The rise of the circular economy and what it means

By now, most of us are familiar with the concept of the ‘circular economy’. Slowly but surely, more industry sectors are moving … Continued

Machine Compare welcomes Pakawaste

We recently welcomed Pakawaste to the Machine Compare Platform. Offering a wide range of quality products and specialised services, we’re thrilled to … Continued

Machine Compare welcomes Baysek Machines

We recently welcomed Baysek Machines to the Machine Compare platform. Off to a successful start, we look forward to our continued collaboration. … Continued