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Benelli 400 ton H-Frame Press

Listed: 2021-07-11 23:00:00

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Country: Turkey
Condition: used
Year: 1976
Manufacturer: Benelli


1. Principal Dimensions
Capacity at 30°from B.D.C.
Operative capacity
Daylight between uprights
Dimensions of press bed
Dimensions of the slide
Stroke of the slide
Vertical adjustment of the slide
kN 4000
Kgm. 8000
mm. 2500
mm. 2450 x 2150
mm. 2660 x 2150
mm. 350
mm. 250
mm. 630
mm. 1500x700
mm. 1500x700
no. 10
Shut height , stroke down , adjustment up
Openings in the uprights
Bed opening
Number of strokes per minute
Capacity of driving motor
Approx. weight – press only
Standard working voltage
Max. bed deflection
Hp. 50
Kg. 85.000
380 V. 50 Hz.
0.125 mm.p/meter
PE2M/400/2450x2150/4P, stroke 150

2. Frame
Base , uprights and crown are of high quality steel plate , stress relieved before machining.
All parts are rigidly connected by 4 tierods , pre-stretched with 1,5 ratio in relation to nominal pressure.
The length of stretch is set by split rings inserted between rod nuts and frame , in order to obtain an identical and equal stretch of the four rods.
Special tenons located at 90° ensure maximum alignm ent of the frame and perfect joining between all parts.
The box-like construction guarantees resistance to twist and strain.
The frame is dimensioned to give ample safety margin and minimum deflection , assuring thereby longer tools life and production of most accurate parts.
3. Slide
In steel plate reciprocating on ground guides with sliding bronze surfaces for a perfect alignment in all positions of the stroke.
The guides of the slide are repeated on the uprights for easy and practical adjustment. Their support section at 90°reduces sliding clearance to the ver y minimum.
Adjustment is made both on the guides in the uprights and in the slide. On the latter are in fact installed bronze lined laths for adjustment of longitudinal clearance , while the guides on the uprights adjust the transversal clearance and the verticality of the motion.
Low pressure air cushions are provided to compensate the slide weight.
Adjustment of the slide is read on a provided decimal dial.
Two end-of-stroke limit switches are fitted.
Pressure screws are of nickel chrome steel and nuts of bronze aluminium.
The units are always immersed in oil.
The slide is driven by 4 steel rods with eccentrics.

In the slide are located compensated mechanical ejectors , whose number varies in relation to the dimensions of the slide.
4. Reduction Gear
Installed in the crown of the press.
Main shafts run in ball or roller bearings and the other in force lubricated bronze bushings.
Gears are amply dimensioned with large safety margin and have helical teeth to give a smooth and silent motion to the press.
5. Lower Bolster
In stress relieved steel , including holes for the pressure pins and T slots for fixing the dies.
6. Drive
Achieved through a low inertia multi-disc friction clutch , ventilated to ensure suitable cooling and actuated by a solenoid and a quick discharge valve.
7. Brake
Multi-discs , air operated and spring released; easily adjustable from the outside , always ventilated , ensures an immediate stop in any position of stroke.
8. Lubrication
Consisting of one central unit by oil re-circulation.
The installation , made with high quality materials , is realized to provide all points with the most suitable quantity of lubricant.
FIH/IE PRESS DATA 4000kN rev00_20090329
Prepared by SERKAN TUNÇ – FIH/IEP Page 3/6

Lubrication is electrically controlled and the press stops in the event of a failure in the system.
9. Electrics
The electrical equipment is contained in a separate cabinet and permits to operate the press as follows:
- at single stroke , with forced disengagement at the end of the stroke at T.D.C. , or controlled up to any point required;
- inching control , with immediate stop of the press in any position of the stroke;
- continuous running.
10. Compressed Air Installation
High quality materials and modern design have been adopted for the compressed air equipment fitted on the press.
Central inlet unit is complete with reducer , filter and lubricator and all devices of the press actuated by compressed air are equipped with pressure regulator , lubricator and gauge.
11. Construction
All parts and inserts are interchangeable , machined with TOL H7 to guarantee complete replacement.
12. Decoiler
The unwinding reel is the heavy duty, simple, powered type with automatic expansion of the mandril activated by an oleodynamic central unit, a free – roll which checks the loop and electrical control panel.
Max. load 4000 kg

Max. strip width
Internal diam. of coil
Max. external diam. of coil
13. Photoelectric Cell Unit for Loop Control Strip Straightener
800 mm
450 – 550 mm
1500 mm
The straightener device consists of 11 rolls with a diameter of 60 mm., seven of which are for straightening and 4 for towing , a speed variator ( 5 to 30 mt. per minute ) for rapid feeding , a motoreducer for slow feeding , two clutches and a brake , control panel with electronic revolutions counterwithoneadvancementpercycleandencoder.Precision0.02mm.
Strip width 800 mm.
Strip thickness 0.5 – 1.2 mm.
14. Part Transfer
ROBOY 30 programmable controller with 3 – cartesion axes , activated by brushless motor and overhead positioning on the press.
Stroke X axis (max)
Stroke Y axis (max)
Stroke Z axis (max)
mm 3000
mm 3000
mm 500
NORDA Logic axis control. Programming from keyboard and video. Cycle management with Siemens PLC. Suction cups with grip control. Complete electrical board and control panel.
The ROBOY unit slides on the support which secures it to the press and can be made to move laterally so that it is completely removed from the stamping zone.
Double station suction cup pick – up device.
Max. weight of pieces to be picked up kg 100

15. Photographs

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