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Listing ID: MC-412345-32251
Time Left:
Ends:26/09/2021 14:00 GMT
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Country: Serbia
Size: 2400
Year: 2021
Manufacturer: EMproject89


AUTOMATIC SET UP in LESS than 30 seconds.

Technical characteristics:
-CAPACITY: up to 1200 boxes per hour
-CARDBOARD TYPE: single, double and triple wall up to 10mm and 1000GSM
-MAXIMUM BOARD SIZE: 2400mm X unlimited length
-MINIMUM BOARD SIZE: 200mm width x 800mm length
-DISTANCE BETWEEN SLOTTING KNIVES: 50mm – 1400mm (with auto-setup 500mm slotting knives)
-LENGTH OF SLOTTING KNIVES: on demand (250 - 500mm)
-MACHINE WEIGHT: approximately 3000kg
-Warranty: 12 months

Additional Information

Handholder tool x 1
Creasing Wheels x 2
Knife tool x 2
Cross cutting tool x 1
Scalpel tool x 1 pair
Printing unit x 1
Gluing module unit x 1
Control unit 15''

  • Manuals and drawings come with the machine
  • Manuals and drawings are complete
  • Has a footprint/floorplan of the machine
  • Machine is currently running
  • Can offer any operator training/support with the machine
  • Warranty/guarantee comes with the machine
  • Machine conforms to CE standards

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