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Listing ID: MC-412345-32712


Country: Serbia
Size: 2400
Year: 2023
Manufacturer: EMproject89


The BOXmaker ULTRA is a flagship machine, in-house developed, created with the intention of helping businesses grow through the application of latest cutting edge technologies.
High quality, state of the art electronics, including servo motors, control unit, drivers, etc. from the German renowned brand LENZE.

CAPACITY: up to 1600 boxes per hour
CARDBOARD TYPE: single, double and triple wall up to 14mm and 1400GSM
MAXIMUM BOARD SIZE: 2400mm X unlimited length
MINIMUM BOARD SIZE: 200mm width x 650mm length
DISTANCE BETWEEN SLOTTING KNIVES: 50mm – 2200mm (600mm segmented slotting knives)

Automatically setup creasing wheels, with automatic control of crease force x4;
Automatically setup longitudinal cutting knives x6;
Automatically setup slotting knives - segmented with integrated creasing tool and electronic control of crease pressure;
Automatically setup guide rails (both left and right)
Flexo printer (1000mm X 870mm) with automated control of color application to the cliches and the application of color from cliches to the cardboard and completely automated control of positioning in 3 axis (6 servo motors on the printer);
Automatically setup die cut module;
Cross cut with selective cutting modes (slotting extension, windowed boxes, loading flap boxes);
Glue application module powered by Nordson USA;
Remote control jog with a 10.5 inch touch panel;
Remote control software - possibility of sending jobs from remote location.
Control unit - 21 inch touch sensitive HD widescreen color display with user friendly UI. The unit itself comes with predefined FEFCO standard models in memory
BOXmaker ULTRA is Industry 4.0 compatible;
Maszyny do opakowan

Warranty 12 months.
Lead time 150 days.

  • Manuals and drawings come with the machine
  • Manuals and drawings are complete
  • Has a footprint/floorplan of the machine
  • Can offer any operator training/support with the machine
  • Warranty/guarantee comes with the machine
  • Machine conforms to CE standards

Location: EMproject89, Novo Selo, Serbia

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