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Machine Compare

8 reasons why industrial buyers choose Machine Compare

15 October 2020

paper carton making factory machine huge cellulose

At Machine Compare, we are fully committed to providing our customers with the very best digital products and customer service.

We believe in going the extra mile to ensure each customer is satisfied with our platform, helping users make better purchasing and selling decisions in relation to industrial capital equipment.

We have the experience and the reputation in the field to deliver the products customers need to expedite end-to-end machinery purchasing and selling.

With two buying avenues to choose from – machinery listings or auction – you’re sure to find the machine you need.

Here are 8 reasons why buyers choose Machine Compare.

1. Machine Compare is home to a HUGE range of machines

With a huge database of qualified buyers and sellers, our listing and auction channels are packed with industrial machines across multiple sectors. From corrugated and paper to packaging and plastic.

We give you complete transparency of the sales cycle so you can be sure no machine deals are happening behind closed doors.

If the machine you’re interested in is displayed in our listings channel, simply make contact directly with the seller by clicking the email or phone icon to the top and bottom of each listing.

Search new machinery listings here.

Search used machinery listings here.

If a machine you like is within the auction, you’ll see a live chat feature on-site to make direct contact with our sales team should you need any support. Our team will answer questions and arrange virtual machinery demos either in-person or virtually.

Or, if you’re ready to make an offer, simply click “Place Bid”.

2. You get a dedicated Sales Manager to help locate your next purchase

If we don’t already have the machine you’re looking for, your dedicated Sales Manager will scour the market to bring you a range of machines to choose from.

3. Gain access to a global market

Our team has over 25 years of industry experience which has resulted in a huge network of qualified buyers and sellers.

This means we have access to a huge range of capital equipment, globally. Think gluing systems, folder gluers, industrial laminators, diecutters and much more.

4. Gain direct access to sellers

We value transparency which is why we focus simply on providing the software, support and audience to service both buyers and sellers.

From a buyers point of view, this means you can contact listings sellers directly to negotiate price, coordinate factory visits, and convert on your terms.

The only time you may need to speak with us is in relation to auction listings, however, we’re focused on responding to your asset queries quickly so you don’t miss any opportunities.

5. We value communication

When buying a machine, we understand you need time to preview, plan and purchase, which is why we’ve built an integrated webinar platform to effectively connect you with sellers.

Whether it’s industry news or product demonstrations, we obsess over delivering value and believe the best way to keep our buyers informed is by leveraging digital communications channels to inform choice and inspire action.

6. We save our customers significant costs

By taking more of a consultative approach with our buyers, we look to understand the purchasing requirements so we can deliver and exceed client expectations and help reach commercial objectives.

We also pride ourselves on being able to keep well within budget across every project undertaken.

7. We are constantly looking at ways to improve our product and service

We obsess over customer satisfaction and welcome feedback from you, our loyal customer base.

8. Unbeatable pricing

Whether you purchase via listings or auction, you’ll find no hidden costs from us.

Simply pay what you’re willing to pay. It’s that simple.

Search new machinery listings here.

Search used machinery listings here.

Now, we have also enhanced our portfolio by launching an online marketplace for new, unused, used and refurbished spare parts. Discover Machine Compare Marketplace here.